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    January 4, 2013
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the keep is keeping everyone -- >> bob: glad to hear you say that. >> dana: i know. i'm a little bit -- >> bob: i know marc stein but i'm not going to listen to a european -- >> dana: no, no, no. america is his adopted country and he loves as strongly as we do. he is saying the view -- europe view for economic problems is short. ours is long. we see it coming and yet we still continue to do nothing about it. >> andrea: but we are bigger so when we fall it's a greater fall. it will affect more countries. i respect europeans tell us we look like europe because they know better. when you talk to people who lived in former communist countrys talk about what it's like. they recognize it right away. the slow creep of government. i see what has happened in greece and i see it happening here. we're not exactly like europe.
we don't have the cool cafes or speedos. don't get ideas. but obamacare was the biggest indication we're moving in that direction. the last election was the fact that it was on display that the dependency politics the new paradigm. not the typical people becoming dependent but suburban college educated mothers wanting free healthcare and birth control. that is hard to stop >> dana: when you were in germany filming the movies in the 1990s. >> bob: you did? >> dana: it's embarrassing. >> greg: to pay for gender reassignment surgery. >> dana: you said you notice that europe had gone from providing emergency safety net to people to comfortable nest and they can't affect it. starting to affect them. >> greg: i didn't listen to anything you said. >> dana: why? thinking about the movies? >> greg: she is wearing a blue dress so her head is
floating in space there. goes her hands. >> dana: wardrobe! >> greg: i disagree with eric. bob as a former addict you can recognize people who are barreling toward addiction. andrea is saying europe as yun keys, governmentune keys look at america as here comes another one hooked on the government syringe. can i say this? i lost my pen. we save europe from nazis and soviet and restored their economy through the marshall pan. we carried the carry -- throughe martial plan. we carry them through a model. >> bob: we are no more going to become like europe -- every time the economy is down it bounces back strongly. take advice from any european is a bad idea. >> greg: not with cheese. >> andrea: and wine. >> bob: i never drank wine. couldn't get drunk enough fast enough on it.
germany is the film capital of europe. >> dana: he goes. >> eric: i agree with you. we'll never be like europe. but germany doesn't do things like. certain part of europe do. greece is failing. i am talking about the economy. they work hard and the productivity is strong. we are still 40% higher than the best economy in germany. productivity per person. >> dana: but does he have a point that one problem is the policy makers don't want to deal with the root cause and the problems that are endemic and they are not hon west the american people. sorry, with the europeans. and mark stein's point is we already voted in people who want big government. we're not honest with ourselves. >> eric: as bad as things are now did it surprise you to see the numbers? from the te parent of labor. >> dana: no, i lived there and i'm not surprised. >> eric: global live we
ranked third. third in productivity. here is the point. things feel bad here but they are worse there. >> greg: the point is we knew people elected prefer the european model over the american model. they felt america is too big for the britches. they want to turn the daddy who didn't love them to cool stepdad to let them smoke weed. >> bob: that is ridiculous. we have don't want to be like europe. >> bob: we talk about greece, italy, spain in trouble. >> greg: portugal. >> bob: if you look at northern europe, denmark or finland or norway, they are strong economies. getting through it fine. mediterraneans are just mediterraneans. >> andrea: not to make excuses but mediterraneans have the sun, so they are good at sunbathing and very good dancers. they like to smoke cigarettes and party.
they're very good at partying. it's tempting. they call them the pigs, portugal, italy, greece and spain. you keep saying they are worse than we are. they are. but that is because the policies started a long time ago. hours are just starting. >> eric: none of them have. very quickly, the risk is out of control. redistribution. the risk the old saying too many people are in the car and not enough people pulling the card stock. is that is where we are headed. not about the economy. this is focus. they redistribute people to continue to get re-elected. >> greg: the up sigh, the julias wanted to go back packing through europe. now europe can go back packing through them. >> dana: a gap year. >> greg: it is. now you can go and not bathe in new york.
or chicago. >> bob: you said obamacare and that is fair to add in to this. although not nationalized medicine. social security, medicare and medicaid been around a long time. this is not something brand new. not moving in this direction all of a sudden. >> eric: here is what happened this year. >> andrea: we are moving quicker than in the past. >> eric: here is what happened this year. heritage put out a study. for the first time in history the amount of money if you are on welfare, welfare recipient, number that you get, 40 something thousand on average per year exceeds the amount if you're a worker in the u.s. economy on average makes. to the give-away and hand-out get bigger and the risk is you can't -- >> bob: we're signing right wing -- economist is not known at anything progressive. >> greg: they are not right wing. economists? >> dana: are you kidding me? i get that magazine. it's so, it's so chocked full of stuff every week.
a lot is good. i was surprised i agreed with lat of what was in there today. i'll tell you two things that could help their economy and ours, the smartest thing we were to do. which was to go after the new energy technology with hydraulic fracking to use energy to grow economy. trade agenda in the obama administration has been d-e- d-e-a-d. dead. there is a conversation that is starting about a trade pack with the european union, smart thing i do. don't you i? >> bob: but they don't want to buy anything. >> andrea: why? >> dana: why do you want to be more like them? >> andrea: we have come full circle. they don't have money. why? they have been giving handout to all the people. mention at early ages 43 years old and beyond. they give out national healthcare. you say obamacare isn't nationalized healthcare but it's structured to end up that way in the end game. looks what happens in greece. no money to pay for
prescriptions to give people -- they can't give prescriptions. >> bob: i don't disagree about europe. i think it's, the mediterranean particularrously a basket case. we don't want it to be like that. on the left. no interest. >> eric: the difference between europe and america is zo far are the tax rates. in europe, you are taxed in excess of 50% to france pushing the 75% tax. we are headed in the wrong direction. the democrats said enough is enough. if you want to save 98% of the middle class of americans we have to use the bush tax cut. so they realize that you have to put a lid on how much you tax. >> bob: the court overruled the french -- >> eric: i saw that. they're still working on it. still want it. >> greg: when a french court ends up -- i mean being the right thing, doing the right thing, you know the world is in trouble. >> eric: right. >> andrea: i believe when you say we don't want to end up like them. i don't think anybody wants to end up like them.
the difference what your party is pushing for will force to us end up like that. >> bob: i couldn't disagree more. >> andrea: it's inevitable. if you spend money you run out of money. >> eric: we have productive workers, mineral assets under the ground like no one else does. the right climate swept great agriculture. we can't eat all the food we produce. we're in the sweet spot and will all be a global dominant economy. >> andrea: we are not taking advantage of the energy we have here. i agree we have it. but the liberal government is strangling it. >> bob: it's not going anywhere. still going to be here. that is the advantage of america. >> greg: in spite of ourself. >> bob: people vote this way. get over it. >> dana: glass half empty or half full country? which country do we want to be? half full. coming up, "zero dark thirty" hits the theaters nationwide
next week. some seniors want to know what the c.i.a. told the filmmakers. does the film reflect reality or mostly fiction? we tell you what we know directly ahead. ♪ ♪
>> eric: welcome back, everybody. "zero dark thirty" is critically acclaimed film. the story of the bin laden kill from planning to training to the head and chest of the world's most notorious terrorist. ♪
>> you'll never find him. he is unbeatable. >> eric: the film is no stranger to controversy. some liberal senators are up in arms over the opening scene where c.i.a. operatives interrogate khalid sheikh mohammed with waterboarding. they get their feathers ruffled up. >> bob: you have been pushing this line, not you alone at this table how waterboarding led to bin laden. two people, not just the liberal democrats, it's feinstein and john mccain read, actually read the c.i.a. documents and they say it's absolutely nothing, nothing to do with finding bin laden. >> jose rodriguez, number one veteran loved the film and
called it entertaining. he said, "enhanced interrogation did, did --" >> bob: they cover themselves from what they did. >> dana: c.i.a. director said the same. >> bob: c.i.a. people. >> dana: he wasn't part of the c.i.a. when the activity happened. he took over later. to me, if somebody like that who wasn't in charge at the time. he doesn't have responsibility for it. he looked at it and testified under oath, the report you talk about that feinstein and mccain came up never seen the light of day. >> bob: why don't you wait to see the c.i.a. documents and see if you prove it to be true. >> eric: robert, i love you, brother, it's not a documentary. it's a hollywood film. drama. >> greg: they didn't accurately portray what waterboard is. it wasn't a big bucket. it was a squeezegy bottle, done orderly and carefully. that is the point. oliver stone ruined it for everybody. there is nothing historically
factual about any of the movies. take way the media is portrayed in movies. they are really, really good looking. all the president's men, robert redford and paul newman. they all in reality look like this. i am hideous. they don't look like robert redford. >> bob: you know skigies because you played in a tunnel -- >> greg: i made quite a living there, bob. >> andrea: dogged about getting the story. they never rest until the real story comes out. not the case. >> eric: feinstein had to know they were allowing bigelow and the screen writer michael ball is that his name? >> andrea: yes. >> eric: bolts. whatever. mark bohl. they had to know they were getting access to the c.i.a., right? >> andrea: to her credit, dianne feinstein was one of the few people that stood up and voiced concern about this. she was the one who said wait a minute, and the "new york times" article, there is a lot of detail of how they get the details, i'm concerned. in this case, it seems like the more you read about it,
the more you get the sense that the senate wants to punish the c.i.a. somehow. again, the biggest point, this is a hollywood movie. it's not supposed to be a docudrama, it's not supposed to be accurate. if you talk to a c.i.a. article, one has editorial on the daily caller. he talks how enhanced interrogation did lead to capture of bin laden. he didn't say waterboarding, bob. but there is a chain where enhanced interrogation led to tipping off of the courier, that there was a courier which allowed them to follow the clues to get the courier. >> eric: the obama administration -- >> bob: the obama administration let their guard down. c.i.a. has every interest in letting everybody in to promote the propaganda. >> dana: it wasn't that the administration let their guard down. the obama administration actively pursued a way to make the movie better. >> bob: fine. cover their own -- >> greg: go ahead. >> dana: i was going to make a complaint about the reporters all of a sud reason so concerned about waterboarding, yesterday on the front page of the "washington post" is a story
about how obama continued secret renditions. this was the thing that tried to bring down the bush terrorist policies that protected us. god bless him. president obama decided to keep them. that has kept us safe. the sanctity moanous baloney about waterboarding -- sanctity moanous baloney about waterboarding. >> greg: after obama's second term, make him head of the joint chiefs but he can get away with anything. he goes further with drones, rendition, gitmo is still open. he has a criticism -- >> bob: waterboarding? >> dana: he doesn't capture terrorists to interrogate them. he kills them. apparently is a-okay. >> bob: how else are you going to do it? >> greg: can i finish my point? >> bob: of course. >> greg: thank you. there is not a beep from the press over any of this stuff. so he got this amazing force field in ra sense reflects the factual proof that we have an
infantile press. >> eric: bring this house, the "washington post" story dana points out, on the cover, talking about rendition going on. it's practice of holding terror suspects in other countrys and not using due process, but still getting information out of them. 2007, july 1, senator barack obama said practice of shipping away prisoners the dead of night to be tortured in far off countries. september 17, 2010, he said, "eliminate the practice of extreme rendition where we outsource torture to other countrys." here we have the ultimate hypocrisy. once again -- >> andrea: where is the media? >> eric: nobel peace prize winner using rendition -- >> andrea: hold on. when he heard the word "rendition" he thought they meant reason disof the song -- ♪ i, so in love with you >> dana: president obama running for office with help from the other democrats tried to ruin the reputation of president bush which was a patriot to figure out to make
sure you cannot prevent a terrorist attack happening on the country if you don't get the intelligence. there was active intelligence. the bin laden information wasn't the only thing. they used stream of intel. three guys active intel people. if you decide that you are going to kill them, you are not going to get other information. >> bob: maybe he learned when he got in office it was so -- dyne kay. >> bob: you guys on the drone, what are you going to do let them run around free? >> greg: i'm for it. give credit to where credit is due. sa >> eric: say i used president bush and dick cheney's intel infrastructure. >> bob: clain chain's?>> chene? >> dana: that is what it was called when ridiculed. >> andrea: he made it campaign platform and used the backing of the media vilify president bush on the policy. they said he was stomping over the geneva convention. he editorialized it in "foreign affairs" magazine that he continued the policy
and since has and still blames bush. continuously blames bush. he knows he continued to -- >> bob: he was running for office by the way, did you get that, too, i used the vice president? okay, good. >> eric: got to go? that's it. are you done? >> bob: yeah. >> eric: coming up, the vice president gaffe machine is off to a roaring start in 2013. can't believe good old joe and what he said. female senator's swearing in yesterday. we'll show you the tape. it's friday. great song. listen. ♪ sweet little thing ♪ she's my pride and joy ♪ ♪ ♪ she's my sweet little baby ♪ i'm her little lover boy
♪ ♪ >> andrea: well, it was an historic day in washington as 20 women were sworn in the u.s. senate. record number. but is there something about being a woman that makes them superior lawmakers? california democratic senator dianne feinstein seems to think so. here is what she told abc's diane sawyer in an interview with her fellow female senators. >> i don't watch people who watch the show to think we are some kind of sorority, because
we're not. we all march to tund so different drummers to an extent. we're less on testosterone. we don't have a need to always be confrontational. i think we're problem-solvers. that's what this country needs. >> andrea: okay. i actually, dana, agree with what she said, having worked for a female on the hill. they are problem-solvers. they don't have the testosterone and they seem to work better together. greg is disgusted. what do you think? >> dana: it's true. >> greg: go ahead and then i'll respond to your garbage. >> dana: i was on a conference call the other day for policy thing i'm no longer apart of. seven men on the call and three women. i'm telling you, the women, even from different political backgrounds, we were definitely support of one another, driving the process forward, getting to the conclusion, using language and not getting credit for it and getting it done. something to be said about
that. instead of laughing and making fun of people all the time. >> greg: can i respond? >> andrea: you can. >> greg: women getting along well is the longest running lie in the history of the world that women are consensus builders, baloney. >> dana: in the workplace? >> greg: let me finish. >> andrea: two different things, though. i'll call you on that. getting along and getting to a solution are two different things. >> greg: perhaps. name one female rock band that stayed together longer than four years. the runaways, no. bengals, no. spice girls, no. heart, maybe. maroon 5, an exception. i was trying to get to maroon 5 joke. >> eric: good joke. >> bob: if it were up to me i'd have 75% of the hill be female. it's true. i worked from the white house and on the hill. every time i have done women have moved the ball. men get in testosterone.
you are right about that. shared by the republican women. >> eric: it's so ridiculous. what did she say? too much testosterone, what did they want to do? >> andrea: they want to, too much testosterone and don't have a need to be confrontationm. >> eric: what if i said there should be more men because women are so emotional. >> andrea: right. if you said women shouldn't be lawmakers because they're too emotional, you'd be hammered for it. there is a double standard. >> bob: confrontational? >> eric: 20 out of 100. >> greg: does anybody watch "the view" in do you want your government rup by "the view"? >> andrea: having been in a sorority, they are at each other's throats. hard to get along but i agree with what dana is trying to say. we can if we are given a goal work together. >> greg: if the goal is to ruin another woman's life. >> andrea: who stole our
boyfriend or something like that. >> eric: the two women on "the five" saying there should be more women in congress and the senate. why don't women vote for women? >> dana: that is a great question. why don't women fund other women? in campaigns. >> greg: great point. "american idol" or reality show, the women always vote the women out. >> dana: carrie underwood. >> greg: you don't the proof on that. >> dana: they won the contest. >> greg: her floating head is lying. >> andrea: speaking of floating head, get to your buddy. >> bob: can i make a fast point? people come up to the congress, the house and senate, come up through system and heavy dominated by males. it will change. >> dana: it has changed. there is a lot more republicans. >> greg: socialist paradise, thank you, everybody. >> andrea: from one female senator point of view to another female senator swearing in, yesterday, joe biden was on the hill. and heidi hidecamp an her was
were sworn in and joe biden had interesting comments to make when the photographer was doing his thing. >> spread your legs, you will be frisked. >> say that to somebody in north dakota, they think -- -- >> think you're in trouble, right? >> andrea: drop your hands to the side. that is all he said for photo. "spread your legs, you're going to be frisked." >> greg: i got to defend him. i'll defend him. >> bob: good. go. >> greg: you do photo ops constantly and you have to say something over and over and over again. after a while you are not even thinking. fortunately he starts -- unfortunately he starts that way. >> dana: i'll defend him. he is funny. making conversation. he has a problem where he says things like i can't believe i said that. sometimes he doesn't know what he has said is hilarious, like the big stick. >> bob: everybody watches
joe all the time for this gaffe. any other public servant was watched all the time you could find gaffes. >> andrea: there is a petition on the white house site, he is on a reality show. i'll sign up for that. joe biden. you see this picture? i think we have a full screen of it. it's a picture of the female members of the house on steps in front of the capitol. a bit of controversy. one picture is different than the other. nancy pelosi superimposed four femalefemales that weren't ableo make the photo. you say this is a problem. >> dana: i don't think government should be changing photos unless they tell you that on the front end. come with a big warning label that says this photo was altered because it was freezing and members of congress were late. i understand they wanted a picture altogether. i don't understand when it's 30-degrees going out there without your colts maybe they could have figured out another way. we should not allow as citizens and taxpayers, not
allow the government to -- when tony snow forgot to thank somebody. he wanted to add it back in transcript. everybody has acaniption. >> bob: the obama administration has problems with this. there should be a base rule. don't alter any. >> andrea: i'm glad you say that. that is you. >> dana: what is your point? >> greg: never mind. >> andrea: coming up, hillary clinton is out the hospital and ready to get back to work. now, as you know, some criticize here for not appearing at the benghazi hearings last month. i don't know who that could be. after she had a concussion. now some people think she is owed an apology. do they? we have that discussion up next on "the five." ♪ ♪
6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: it's true, spice girls were together for five year bus they weren't human. that's why i didn't count them. okay. hillary clinton is back and ready to go. good. i hope for her sake, the family sake, and the government sake she recovers fully. especially given the shroud of mystery over all things benghazi. it's really about that secrecy and the media contorting itself in every way to let it happen. why is it shameful to worry about the head of the state department when she disappears in the biggest scand? what about the journalist ginnig up fake hatred or
outrage toward speck ticks? we could do the same for those who mocked our coverage of benghazi with four americans died. or those who ripped op trig palin's origins. andrew sullivan condemning skeptics of a concussion? what a woodland ghoul. thankfully, hillary is okay, but skepticism is on life support. media traded it in. so much so they think it's offensive to question odd-timing of illness in a scandal that neither they nor their idle obama cared to discuss. if there is a fake shock about the right transguesss when we get close to something. take the left outrage over breitbart poking at acorn or anthony weiner. that is why they like hill. attrition is all they wanted. i ask you, do you want it to go away, who pushed the video? then we will stop the shameless exercising of the first amendment right to ask questions. maybe we should be sent to would be of the left's reeducation camps. i didn't work the first time
we went through college. in case you think it never happened before, check out the commentary on cheney's heart. >> a clip, never been seen of the upcoming dick cheney story. ♪ ♪ >> you think that's funny? >> bad taste. it was in bad taste. >> you thinking it's funny? >> that's funny to you, too, so if that were a liberal -- >> that is so sick. >> but then the left raised moral questions about whether the vice president in fact should have received his heart ahead of other people. >> the headline is dick cheney got a new heart. i'm sure by the way that is a different headline in the organ community like innocent heart sentenced to life in cheney. boom! >> greg: boom. >> dana: hilarious. >> greg: nobody remembers
that. >> bob: not different from what rush limbaugh does. >> greg: or bill maher does. >> bob: first, you call this a scandal. there is no definition of scandal. this is my point. bad acting on their part. >> eric: we don't know if there is a scandal. we have don't know who changed the talking points or pushed the video. the only way we will know -- what is that? the only way we know is if hillary clinton testifies. if susan rice comes clean on everything. we dent know if things are covered up. >> bob: she is going to testify. what more do you want? >> dana: this is a huge problem. when it's first announced she had a concussion, the state department spokesperson, the same time said, was asked, will she testify about benghazi? she said, well, we will see how it goes after the holidays if there is an ongoing conversation. it will be given every due consideration. which is seen as her saying
she is not going to testify, going to let it go. then subsequently said she would testify. the problem is on the front end, that is not the fault of a skeptic to ask a question. how does that work? >> greg: weirdest thing. journalist goes after people being skepty can of politicians -- skeptical of politicians. how can you not be skeptical? it's handled horribly. >> andrea: instead of hillary clinton coming out and doing talk shows it was rice. hillary clinton said i'm responsible. so the fact that she said i'm response makes me as a concerned citizen want to hear if you are responsible, what really happened? she said if her schedule permits. scheduling conflicts. this is all leading up before she fell and got her concussion. i'm glad she is feeling better. i don't wish ill on her. but she is our secretary of state. she can't just check out. we want to know what happened. she has a history. you to admit, this being a professional victim. she does.
>> bob: can't check out if -- >> andrea: and the media always does it. she advanced herself by not taking the heat. being abused and victimized. it's the right wing conspiracy. it's -- the list goes on and op and on. >> bob: if you want to start with the lists, start at water gate to work our way up on republicans. >> andrea: people want me to apologize, they want others to apologize. hillary clinton should be doing apology. not to enemies but families of the four dead americans. >> bob: she said she will testify and the state department handled it badly from the p.r. standpoint from the beginning. >> andrea: more than p.r. >> greg: i think we are done with this. a group of cons blame booze for the crimes and they want to sue for $1 billion. details of the liquor lawsuit next on "the five." ♪ ♪
♪ ♪ >> bob: take a look at the five going to jail for manslaughter, grand:30 or drug conviction. they're in jail in idaho and they decided they would sue $1 billion they filed against beer and alcohol companies because they said th they're alcoholics and it made them do the crime. they want $1 billion for it. open it up to discussion. i'll have something to say about it at the end. >> dana: their families should be fined for filing frivolous lawsuits in court and lawyers should be have their law license taken away. state of idaho should figure out how to take care of these things before it gets to this point. it's a waste of time, taxpayer money. and if they were living around
rock if they haven't seen the signs about as big as greg in all the places, everywhere you go. alcohol is bad for you. ridiculous thing. >> bob: i will say this. i hate to defend lawyers but they did it without lawyers believe it or not. on their own. so it means hell of a file. >> greg: if it works, i will be retiring shortly. >> eric: so will bob. retire together. >> dana: but if they get a settlement,, then they sue them for pain and suffering they caused. by the way, beer companies, if they could sue for this, they should get credit for good things they've done. they've good things. think how many children were born because of drinking, how many marriages have happened because of drinking. >> dana: how many fights get resolved over a drink. >> greg: exactly. >> bob: what do you think of this? >> andrea: i am wondering does it mean if you're really fat you can sue a food company for making you fat. they don't put a warping if
you eat too many bear claws you will blow up like the balloon. >> bob: i could sue for $2 billion on that. these guys are just -- the idea that alcoholism is behind this there are millions of alcoholics that don't get to jail. one of you is a drug dealer. that is enough. you sue alcohol company and you deal drugs to kids? give me a break. >> dana: degradation of society where you don't take personal responsibility. they're in jail and now they blame the brewing company or anheuser-busch or -- >> bob: when i was in jail for drinking -- >> dana: they also have way too much time on their hands. >> greg: they're in prison. >> dana: they need to be doing something else, cleaning something. whatever. >> bob: change the subject. snoop dogg, one of your favorite people said he would like to teach his kids how to use marijuana. >> eric: smoke weed. if there is any reason to take
kids away from someone this guy should have his kids taken away from him. you know where i am with pot. it shouldn't be legalized, it's dangerous and get away and causes problem. to say you want to teach your kids to smoke weed. >> andrea: maybe it came from a good place? he's snoop dogg. these are his kids. should he say it? i don't know his kids are. but i mean really -- >> greg: 47. >> andrea: i think they will know -- >> bob: you are a supporte supporter -- >> andrea: he had weed on the album covers. look, he is snoop dogg. what do you want me to say? i don't think the kids should be taken from him. freddie if you say i'm a support -- >> greg: if you say i'm supporter of marijuana no. i am for legalization of marijuana. it don't think it makes it legal for young kids. that is the difference there. america needs future generation of snoop dogg. it's how america turned in to a cuddy teddy bear. >> --o cute --
>> dana: it's in branding. >> greg: so funny. on comedy central he is roasted and everybody thinks it's great. he made a life out of crime and drugs. horrible. >> bob: i take it you don't subscribe to this. >> dana: no. i didn't know who he was. >> greg: i -- >> bob: i didn't know much. i heard the comment, marijuana is cut and want to make sure they don't get a bad cut. >> dana: he calls his mommy. >> bob: pcp. >> andrea: that is his shtick. >> eric: so what? it goes beyond that. i have to call you out on it. it's his shtick. i have a 14-year-old son -- >> greg: no you don't. it's an act. >> eric: if he says i want to teach my kids to smoke weed and my son sees that. i don't want to say snoop is cool, why aren't you cool like that. >> andrea: what are you going to tepe your kid? put the tinfoil hats on. >> bob: we have to get out of here. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
>> dana: time for one more thing. >> andrea: there is a list out of the ten craziest things that people tried to expense last year. this list is pretty funny. check it out. first thing someone tried to expense was a baby giraffe. at the office. brought to an office party. they said there was plenty of booze there, too. second, baby octopus. i guess the japanese visitor to a pharmaceutical company party wanted sushi. number three, tattoo remuel. employee got a tattoo removed. i know it happened at "the five." that is coming up later.
pink flamingos, they tried to expence those, too. had them over the cubicle. lastly, a dunk tanks. that one was "the five." that's what someone tried to get expensed. >> dana: you need a gooddant for that. >> eric: quickly, one of our favorites, my favorite, arnold schwarzenegger last knight on "the tonight show. " watch. >> we send our representatives to washington to do the job. and then year after year they ring up the debt. now at $63 trillion debt. deficit is $1.3 to $1.5 trillion. it's getter worse and then they sit down and they solve 10% of the problem. it's ridiculous. they should all be fired. >> bob: learn to speak english after all these years. c'mon, man. >> eric: give him a break. it's arnold. >> dana: i'll go because i have career cap, the most stressful job.
the top five. agree with the first four. enlisted military personnel. got that one. military general. absolutely. firefighter. you bet. commercial airline pilot. indeed. fifth one, p.r. executives. the fifth most stressful job in america. can't make it up. >> bob: bob on this show. >> eric: true. >> andrea: true. >> dana: next year write in. p.r. executive as the fifth most stressful job in america. >> bob: mine is welcome to the obama recovery. 155,000 jobs were added last month on top of the revised figure from the month before. coming back and coming back strong. we are going to be america and be strong. biggest economy in the world. >> dana: all right. somebody cried wolf. greg? >> greg: thank you, floating dana perino head. where are you floating to later? >> dana: i am going to dinner with harold burrson.
he is amazing. >> greg: that was rhetorical question. my one more thing, i'm on o'reilly tonight. great "red eye" tonight with michael ian black and nick gillespie. tune in to that. >> dana: this has become the self-promotion, greg gutfeld. >> greg: given up. >> dana: have you written a book? >> bob: left out of your book. >> greg: "joy of hate" on the best seller list. greatest book ever written. >> bob: do you have anything else? apartment for sale, want people to visit? >> dana: that's it for "the five." thank you for watching. have a welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. now to andy levy for a pre game report.
what is coming up? >> our top story sa $1 trillion answer to our government's problem? it might be the answer to my debt problem. and do college freshmen think they are better than they actually are? it is first year students and no freshmen you sexist pigs. fine, that didn't answer the question. no you didn't answer the question. and what british rocker might get an airport named after him? i gave you two hints, and you would not want him to be an air traffic controller. tonight a third hint. it is ozzy osbourne. >> andy, you noy what night it is. >> what's that? >> it is gillis nice. >> i have no idea what are you referencing right now. >> i am referencing our sweater. >> i know that. i don't know what you are referencing with those names. >> i am not old like you, greg. >> you want to talk about dub step, i'm your guy. he was the -- go away.
are you biting into my time. she is so hot she gives third-degree burns to fire. i am here with author and columnist jedediah bila. and he is so cool his leather jacket owns a leather jacket. it is the chief and editor. and it is bill schulz. if comedic genius was skittles he would come in many colors. it is michael ian black. >> that was risque. >> it was. he is the owe co co author of america you sexy beep. and our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> four critics select art work from museums and discuss their varied use of light. what do you make of this intern porch? intern porch? are you sleeping with your eyes open again?